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Project Description

ADAMANTINE – Diamond of the Seas

The latest development from the design and naval architecture bureau of Ivan Erdevicki, Inc., is “Adamantine” an 86-metre six-deck superyacht that sparkles like a Diamond on the sea. The design is a unique, well-proportioned boat, which combines the naval-style strength with elegance and refinements of a superyacht, giving the vessel an original appearance, powerful image and a modern look that should appeal to clients looking for something unique and special, perhaps someone’s lifetime project!

This is a sleek design with a powerful hull, beautifully proportioned, full of light and panoramic views but also offering privacy and seclusion when desired all achieved with an air of exclusivity, a high class boat with a style – a yacht that makes a statement just by its presence. Ivan Erdevicki the designer commented: “The design has been long in coming and the objective was to create a true super-yacht of elegant proportions, spacious and comfortable for living and pleasure, yet powerful, strong and above all a safe yacht and, I believe, I have succeeded on all counts. She is a diamond!”